Presentation Media

Just a few years ago, wedding videographers output their movies to DVD. But technology is always changing, and many of us watch video on-line, often on social media. Tell us what you want, & you may save money. Here are the different ways you can watch your wedding video...


Posting a short movie trailer on social media means you can quickly & easily share your special day with your loved ones overseas. We shoot save-the-date video clips you can post on Facebook to tell your friends about your wedding plans, so they can put this on their calendars.


We also produce short featurettes of your wedding day... highlight movies from 3-9 minutes with an instrumental soundtrack that's copyright-free. These montages are the fastest & most economical way to broadcast your wedding video to the biggest audience. Plus, they are rendered in high definition (HD).


View our Vimeo channel for examples


DVDs only had standard definition, whereas Blu-Ray discs, modern televisions and Youtube can be viewed in High Definition. Also, DVDs are quite old technology, can get scratched, and no longer work. No longer a viable option!


However, DVDs are harder to lose, and do have attractive packaging. We take your favourite photos from the wedding and combine them into a stunning piece of artwork, which credits your bridal party, celebrant and photographers.


The graphic style we design for you is applied consistently to the DVD disc itself, and on the actual DVD menus during playback.


USB Keys (aka Flash Drives) are the most preferable media. You can copy over all the movies, & make back-up copies.

Shooting Styles


Perhaps you don't own a DVD or Blu-Ray player. Or maybe your friends don't. We can supply your finished movies on a USB Flash Drive - this plugs into late-model LCD television sets, as well as laptops and desktop computers.  They are rendered in high definition (HD) & wide screen ratio.


With your videos on a USB key, you can duplicate as many copies of your wedding as you wish.


The ultimate way to keep your wedding guests informed, & keep all your communication digital.


You supply us with a handful of photos and all relevant details of your wedding plans. We design a bespoke website with your own unique URL & host this on the internet.


Guests can reply on the RSVP page, read your Gift Registry, & follow Google Maps to your reception venue. After the wedding, you can easily publish your favourite photos and of course, our highlights video.