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Rachel & Bejoy | Christchurch:

"Our experience with Moving Moments from start to finish was fantastic. At the pre-wedding consultation it was reassuring to see how professional and organised they were, taking care of many things that we had not thought about.

On the day, they were amazing; very easy to be around and communicate with. They were aware of what was going on, and clearly had good people skills.


When we received the Highlights Movie on-line, we were very excited. It was special to catch a glimpse of our day before receiving the full video, which was beautifully put together. It felt like we were reliving our day. The quality was superb."


Your personalities and your budget are a big factor in your choice of vendors to run your wedding day. It is imperative you find people who hold similar values to you, and understand what you're after. Meet them in person, and see if they're a good fit.


Of all the vendors you might hire for your wedding day, it is the photographer who will often be with you for the longest period. So take your time. Do some research. Read reviews. Find your ideal photo/videographer, who you can trust and communicate clearly with.


​All of our packages include a couple of meetings with Ray, either in person or on-line. He will listen to your ideas and give guidance to help you develop a well-planned timeline of your wedding day.

Ray has the ability to see 'the big picture' as well as pay attention to the finer details. His forte is in crafting compelling compositions of people in the landscape, as well as recording close-ups of decorative details. He has spent 30 years using and teaching Photoshop. Ray is also trained in typography and page layout, so is the ideal person to create your bespoke wedding photo album.

Because Ray strives to achieve excellent results, he doesn't like mucking around. He will be intensely focussed on working with you and your team to create timeless imagery during your special day, while having fun. However, if you want a spontaneous, laid-back shooter, it may be prudent to look elsewhere.



The main photo shoot is usually scheduled about an hour after the wedding ceremony (following on from family group shots). Allow enough time for this, and more, so the photo session can be both fun and creative, not rushed. If this photo shoot can be done before the ceremony, you can then spend the rest of the day with your guests, and probably save money.


Great images require great light. Often the soft, warm light in the Golden Hour before sundown is best. In summer, this might mean sneaking away from the reception venue with your photographer to a nearby locale for a quick, fun photo session.

Candid or Posed

Candid photos show the organic moments that spontaneously happen, such as the couple joking around, or just being themselves, rather than forcing smiles or looking too formal. However, these shots are random, so can't be guaranteed.


If you want an elegant framed portrait of yourselves, or with the bridal party, you'll need to spend time with the photographer and try a range of posed set-ups. Trust their instincts and experience.


Ray excels in finding suitable locations for photography. He's shot more than 35 weddings in the Nelson region, so knows most of the regular wedding venues and hot spots.


Sometimes a grassy paddock will be ideal for a particular photo session; sometimes a dark forest will make for a simple, moody background. An empty beach might be perfect for a romantic sunset stroll.




Still images freeze a moment in time, in a two-dimensional format. They are perfect for framed pictures you can hang on your wall, and for that beautiful photo album. Or to post on social media, if that's what floats your boat.

Usually the best images of your wedding day will be from the staged photo shoot at  a location your photographer has chosen. Intimate close-ups of the bride in her wedding dress are also suited to still photographs.


Wedding videos are epic story-telling devices, and have the extra dimensions of movement and sound. Movies can feature slow-mo clips to capture the joy of the occasion, tracking shots to show transitions, time-lapses to show the passing of time, drone aerials to display the bigger picture, extreme close-ups to record emotional moments, and wonderful focus-pulls using a narrow depth-of-field. All timed perfectly to the rhythm of your favourite music.


Videos are the best way to remember your ceremony, reception speeches and of course, that nervous first dance.


After the big day out... Ray will begin to sift through thousands of photos, and gigabytes of footage, selecting the best imagery. You will be able to view your wedding photographs in an online gallery, and choose your favourites. These can be included inside your photo album.


Ray's style is realism, so he doesn't add trendy filters in Lightroom, or use any gimmicky effects to salvage an average photo.

Your highlights movie will be posted on-line, usually within a few days of the wedding. Ray will send you a hyperlink, so you can preview this video, and suggest any critical changes, before sharing it with your friends.


Every font has its unique design, and exudes a different emotional response. Ray may ask you to choose a style of typeface for the titles of your wedding videos.

Want a vintage, old-school, rustic look for your wedding stationery or video titles? Prefer a modern vibe, with animated text and funky music? Or maybe a retro styling from the Art Deco era or the 1960s? The choice of typeface is all-important here.


Script typefaces look hand-written but very formal; as traditionally used in wedding invitations. Serif typefaces look old-school and formal, if that's what you want to convey. Sans Serif faces are effective for video titles and social media posts, while Decorative faces are occasionally useful for a short headline or title.


This is where you really need a seasoned Graphic Designer (like Ray) who can convey the right message through choosing the right typeface, colour, and layout. He is adept in animating movie titles and credit rolls. If you want , he can design your your Wedding Invites, an Order of Service (for church services), or even a bespoke wedding website where you can post your photos and highlights video.

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