Shooting Styles

Your personalities and your budget will determine the style of your wedding video. You can play safe & get the basics, or let us get super-creative to deliver you a spectacular set of movies that you will both cherish forever.


Traditionally, a wedding videographer just shoots what's in front of him; the obvious moments in a formal ceremony like the vows, signing of the register & the first kiss, etc. Much like the news on TV, which is rather static, linear & predictable.


We can be the proverbial fly-on-the-wall, staying as in-obtrusive as possible, at a distance. While this isn't the most creative approach, it is the cheapest, as the editing process is straight-forward.


A recent trend is for wedding photographers to follow the bridal party throughout the day, sometimes up to ten hours!

Capturing organic moments that spontaneously happen, such as the couple joking around, or just being themselves, rather than forcing smiles & looking too formal.


We can record the groomsmen eating breakfast, shaving, and donning their suits, as well the bridesmaids getting their hair & make-up done. After the ceremony, we shadow the photographer for the main photo-shoot, which often provides the best video footage. Later on, we film your guests socialising, the toasts, speeches, table decorations, your first dance, the party atmosphere - a visual symphony!


If you're not too shy, and don't mind playing up to the camera, you can be the stars of the show. Give us the opportunity to fit in with your schedule, & we'll treat you like movie-stars. This involves working together with your photographer and MC, and a bit of prior planning.


Your final movies will feature epic story-telling devices from feature films: lots of slow-mo for those romantic moments, tracking shots, dolly shots, timelapses, drone aerials to establish the setting, extreme close-ups, and best of all... because we use full-frame DSLR cameras, wonderful focus-pulls using a narrow depth-of-field. All timed perfectly to the rhythm of your favourite music.

Shooting Styles

Graphic Styles


Want a vintage, old-school, rustic look for your wedding stationery & video titles? Or do you wish to look modern, with animated text & funky music? Or maybe a retro styling from the Art Deco or 1960s era? The choice of typeface is all-important here.


Every font has its unique design, and exudes a different emotional response. Script typefaces look hand-written but very formal; as traditionally used in wedding invitations.

Serif typefaces look old-school and formal, if that's what you want to convey. Sans Serif faces are simple but modern, while Decorative faces are good for a short headline or title.


That's where you really need a seasoned Graphic Designer (like Ray) who can convey the right message through choosing the right typeface, colour, and layout.